Rsu Grant Agreement

The shares represented by this certificate are subject to a limited share agreement between the registered owner and NIKE, Inc., which limits the portability of the shares. A copy of the agreement is available from the Secretary of NIKE, Inc. 11.1 Full Agreement; modification. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to the themes of this agreement and can only be amended by a written agreement between the entity and the beneficiary. In accordance with paragraph 7 of the 1990 boursataire incentive plan (the “plan”) of NIKE, Inc., an Oregon entity (the “company”) and from `grant date`, the entity grants shares limited to ` By accepting this limited participation premium, the beneficiary accepts all the terms of this agreement. The basic terms that are not defined in this agreement have the meaning attributed to them in the plan. 1. Limited stock subsidy. Subject to the terms of this agreement, the Company hereshes the grant to the beneficiary of Class B shares (the “restricted shares”).

Limited shares are subject to the expiry of the company in accordance with Section 3 below. 3. Limitation of forfeiture. If, for any reason or without cause, the beneficiary ceases to be employed or on duty by the company, the company steals limited shares that were not issued in accordance with Section 2 at the time or before the termination of the employment relationship or service; However, provided that, if the employment of the beneficiary153s is terminated by the company without justification or by the beneficiary, rightly, after the shareholder`s agreement, but before any change in control, all restricted shares that have expired below that rate are restored and transferred to the beneficiary if a change of control occurs after the fact within one year. None of what is included in this agreement gives the beneficiary the right to be employed by the company or employer, to continue to provide services to the company or employer, or to interfere in any way in the right of the company or employer to terminate Recipient15s` benefits at any time for any reason. , with or without reason. (b) a reduction in the basic salary of the beneficiary153, as it is effective immediately before the shareholder`s agreement, if any, or the modification of the control, 8) changes in the capital structure. Prior to the seduction of Restricted Shares, the Class B outstanding common share is increased as a result of a share dividend, a stock split, reorganization, merger, consolidation, trading plan, recapitalization or other agreement, or converted to another number or type of shares or other securities of the company or other company, or another number of shares or other securities of another company , the restrictions and other provisions of this agreement apply to these additional Class B shares or to other shares or other shares or securities issued to the same extent as those restrictions on restricted shares and other provisions apply to restricted shares. 2.3.2 For the purposes of this agreement, “shareholder authorization” means the agreement of the company`s shareholders for a transaction whose conclusion would be a change of control. 2.3.1 For the purposes of this agreement, a “change in control” of the company refers to one of the following events: (e) a sale, lease, exchange or other transfer (in a transaction or series of related transactions) of all the company`s assets or, for the most part, of all the company`s assets.