GingerScraps February Buffet – Stuck On You

Hey Y’all!!  Look at me blogging when it’s not a “Scrap Holiday!”   I’m trying to get more organized in 2021!

It is Buffet Time at GingerScraps and I have a Brand New Collection for you!  It’s called “Stuck On You” and it’s a fun Cactus Themed Valentine’s Kit!
Don’t forget that the Buffet pieces are on sale for 40% off until the 5th of the Month!


Or Just Pick Up the Kit:

Want to build your own kit with all the other buffet pieces?  Then here’s the rest of my collection:

And after 10 years of having a Newsletter…I FINALLY figured out how to use it!  lol.  Some technology scares me and I seriously didn’t want to end up spamming your inbox.  But now that I finally figured it out (aka made my hubby teach me, lol), I can safely say there will be no spamming, maybe 1-2 Newsletters a month to keep you up to date with all my happenings!  So make sure to get re-registered (they deactivated my old account bc of no activity).  There will be a fun Freebie coming out only to Newsletter Subscribers later this month!

Happy inter-National Scrapbooking Day/Week!!

Happy iNSD Weekend!! We have so much fun planned for you over at GingerScraps that we’re celebrating for a week!  So make sure to pop over to the forums and play along with us!

I will be hosting an Inspiration Challenge, so make sure to join be there, so you can earn a freebie mini kit from me!

Since we’re celebrating for a week long I believe that calls for some really BIG Deals!!

To help stretch your dollar a little further…You can purchase this deal for $40 and get a coupon good for $100 to my store!

Always a customer favorite is the Build your own Bundle…5 kits for just $5! Feel free to purchase it more than once if you have more than 5 kits on your wish list! 

Can’t figure out what you want in your bundle…no worries, I’ve bundled up some of my favorite things for you for this week only! 

But that’s not all!!  It’s also the first of the month!  Which means…it’s Buffet Time!!  So let me share my Buffet Items with you while I got you here!  (make sure to read all the way through bc there will be a freebie at the end!)

And here’s your freebie… 3 word arts made using my Momma’s Make Up kit!  🙂  Click here (or the preview below) to download:

Happy DSD 2019

Hey y’all!  Can you believe that it’s time for DSD again?!  I feel like we just did this not too long ago!

I have a 50% off Sale going on in my shop now, a Build Your Own, Grab, Bag, and a BUY MY STORE!!  And of course what fun would a celebration weekend be without some coupons and a Few Freebies?!

Buy My Store is Back for a Limited Time…Get it while you can!

Don’t want the whole store?  Then Build Yourself a Grab Bag!!  5 Kits for just $5… want more then 5 kits…them purchase this deal as many times as you want! 

I have a brand new kit for you in the store as well this weekend… it’s called Jamaican Me Crazy… it’s the full sized kit to the mini freebie you’ll be getting here on this stop of the train!

Want a cute little flair pack that matches this kit?  Then join me as I host a Recipe Challenge over at PDW!

Need a Basic “Go with Everything” Alpha?!  Pick up my Glass Alpha for Free on the Freebie tab on my Facebook page!

Alright … and here’s what you came for – A Jamaican Mini!  Click Here or the Preview to download:

You Should have Come Here from Digital Gator Designs

And your Next Stop should be Fran B Designs

Happy Scrapping! 🙂

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HAPPY NSD 2019!! Celebrate with a Blog Train!

Hello Blog Friends… long time no see!   Can you believe that it’s time for National Scrapbooking Day again?!  I have some fun things in store for you this weekend!

First of course is a Sale! My Whole store will be 50% off through Monday!

And what’s a Celebration without additional Coupons to use?!

Coupons can be used more than once, but you can only use one per transaction.  (Except the $1 Coupon…it’s a one time only) And PLEASE don’t use them on the Build Your Own Grab Bag or Holiday Bundle, because those are already such an awesome Savings!

I have a few new goodies in the store as well…

First up is the Build Your Own Grab bag, you get 5 kits for just $5!  If you want 10 kits, then just purchase it again.  Want 15 kits?  Purchase it 3 times!  I think you get the idea!

Then I put together a fun Holiday Bundle for you!  A kit for every major Holiday… 7 Kits for $7!

Also a new kit in the store today… it’s my full version of the mini freebie you’ll be getting on this blog train…   May I introduce you to Artsy Fartsy!!

And of course I have a few freebies for you scattered out in Digi-Scrap Land…

This one you can get by completing the Font challenge I’m hosting at PDW

This one you can find on the Freebie Link on the Left of my Facebook Page:

And of course the Freebie that brought you here in the first place… my part of the blog train:

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Happy DSD 2018!!

Apparently, my streak as a terrible blogger continues!  I must get better at this!

Our Favorite Day/Weekend in Digi Land has made it’s grand appearance again!  Happy DSD Everyone!  Before we get to the freebie, let’s look at some of the other goodies I have for you this weekend!

Sales, Freebies, Bundles, Coupons, & More!!
I brought back a Fan Favorite:  The Build Your Own Bundle!  What’s not to love about choosing your own 5 kits for just $5!

I’ve also created some Seasonal Bundles for you, just in case you have trouble choosing 5 for your own bundle! 🙂

Check out my Newest Kit…that also coordinates with the Freebie Blog Train:

I’ll be Hosting a Challenge at PDW for a chance to pick up these Cluster Freebies:

Also check out my Wish It Win It Challenge while you’re there!

Do you like My Facebook Page?!  Well, you should, because you can find this Freebie on there!

AND here’s what you came for… my part of the PDW Blog Train!

Click the preview below to download:

You should have arrived from Day Dreams n’ Designs
Your Next Stop Is Digital Gator Designs

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Have a Happy iNSD with a PDW Blog Train!

Woo!!  It just dawned on me that I AM A TERRIBLE Blogger!  haha!  I haven’t posted since DSD in October!  So sorry to leave you hanging like that guys!

SO iNSD is here now!  And BOY do we have a lot of fun things in store for you!!

Join us over at Plain Digital Wrapper for Fun, Games, and of Course Freebies!!

I will be having a 50% off Store Wide Sale in my store from 5/3 to 5/8!

I will be bringing back my ever so popular 5 for $5 deal for this fun Event!  Feel free to purchase more than 1 if you want more then 5 items!

Also…what’s iNSD without some coupons?!  These coupons are good for multiple uses per user, so have at them guys and save yourself a little extra moolah!

I also have a fun new kit in the store that coordinates with my part of the PDW Blog Train Freebie… Check out Tropical Twist Below:

(Sorry!  Freebie has Expired!)

And of course what you all really came here for!  My Piece of the Blog Train!  Click the Preview below to download:

You Probably came here from Heather Z. Scraps

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Plain Digital Wrapper – DSD Blog Hop!

Happy DSD Weekend!!  I hope your paypal accounts are full and ready to be spent!

My Whole Store will be 50% Off and I have a few fun grab bags out there for you this weekend!

First One Up is a 4 Seasons Grab Bag for just $3!

Next, I’m bringing back 5 of my favorite kits from retirement and bundling them all up for just $5

Then I have A Holiday Bundle which includes 7 different kits for the Big American Holidays for just $7.

And Last but not least the Build Your Own Bundle for $10! 🙂

And here’s what you really came here for! hehe 🙂   Click the Preview Below to Download:

(Sorry!  Freebie has Expired!)

Or Click Here To Download

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Ice Cream Social – WLS Blog Hop

Welcome to With Love Studio Ice Cream Social Hop!
I’ve Created a Mini Kit For you!  Check it out below:

(Sorry!  Freebie has Expired!)

Now… here goes the link to download my freebie:

You came from Ousia Studio
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Happy NSD & PDW Hop!

Long time no talkie blog world! As you may already know Scraps-N-Pieces has closed it’s doors and you can now find my designs at Plain Digital Wrapper, With Love Scraps, & My Memories!

Happy NSD!!  My Store will be 50% off long all weekend, and I have some coupons for you to use Friday or Saturday!!

Codes will work at both Plain Digital Wrapper & With Love Scraps (one use per person at each site!)

Don’t forget to check out my stores for the ever popular Build Your Own Grab Bag Special!!

Plain Digital Wrapper is having a fun Blog Hop this weekend!

Here is my portion of the Hop (Click preview to download):

(Sorry!  Freebie has Expired!)

Make sure to check here for All The Blog Stops

SNP November Blog Train

Woo! Long time to Blogging!  I’m a terrible Blogger and Advertiser!

I absolutely LOVED the color palette this month for the blog train, so I had to jump in!

I made a full sized kit to go along with my mini because I loved the colors so much!  Check your mini download for a 50% off coupon!!


And here’s what you came here for!  The Freebie!  (You’ll find an awesome coupon in the download for the Full Sized Kit!)

(Sorry!  Freebie has Expired!)


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