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iNSD Freebie – Day 3

Woo!  NSD is in full swing!  I hope you’ve had a chance to play around and scrap a little!!

There’s still some fun things going on at SNP!!  Go get in on the action!!!


Don’t forget my whole store is 50% off AND you can save even more if you pick up my 5 for $5 deal!!!


Today’s freebie comes from one of my newest kits!  I just put it in the store for this weekend!  Check out Finally Spring!

CDSS_FS_FullPreview CDSS_FS_QPPreviewClick the preview below to download your freebie:


iNSD weekend….are you READY??!

Woo! Nothing like waiting until the last minute to get ready for iNSD! But I’ve Done it! 🙂

SNP is having a lot of fun activities this weekend!! Check them out below:

The WHOLE STORE will be 50% off!!

There will be challenges every day and TWO Events every day! 🙂


The Designers have also put together a really awesome Facebook Hop!   You can pick up my piece on my Facebook Page!


I’ve got an awesome deal in my shop for this weekend only!


I’ve also got a few new things in my store… including my pieces for this months Bits-In-Pieces….for just $1 Each!

CDSS_BE_PreviewsAlpha CDSS_BE_PreviewsElements CDSS_BE_PreviewsPapersAnd here’s A Freebie for you!  Click the preview below to download:


REEL FUN + Featured Designer Freebie Day 2

I have a new kit in my store this week!! Have you seen it yet?

Did you catch the Big One??  Or did it get away?  Now matter how big or little you caught while Fishing, Reel Fun is the kit to scrap all those memories with

Reel Fun has 7 Cardstock Papers, 7 Solidish Papers, 10 Patterned Papers, 45 Elements, and A Full Alpha!  It’s S4H/S40 Friendly too!!


Check out these cute Layouts by Me & My CT:

Layout by Me:

First Fish web

LO by Michele:

RF LO by MicheleLayouts x2 by Teresa:

RF LO by Teresa RF LO by Teresa2Layout by Meleah:

RF LO by Meleah

Don’t forget…
As part of my Featured Designer Week…I will be having a 50% off sale in my Entire Store!! I’ll also doing RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness) coupons for things like signing up for my newsletter, or uploading a layout into my gallery, and giving away random coupons on my facebook page! AND you’ll also be getting a small freebie every day here on my blog! You won’t want to miss this fun week!!!


Today’s freebie comes from REEL FUN!  Click the preview below to download:


Lucky Me + A Freebie!

Have you seen the latest release from Scrappin Serenity?

It’s called Lucky Me. Lucky Me is the perfect kit to scrap your St. Patricks Day shenanigans! It will also work well for your Spring photos!

Lucky Me has 7 Cardstock Papers, 7 Solidish Papers, & 10 Patterned Papers. It has a Full Alpha and 40 Elements. It’s S4H/S4O Friendly too!!

And the best part? The kit and the quick page set will be 50% off all of March!


Here’s a closer look at the papers in the kit:CDSS_LM_PapersPreview

There’s also a Quick Page set you can pick up too!CDSS_LM_QPPreview

Check out these cute layouts made with Lucky Me:

Layout by Kristal

LM LO by Kristal

Layout by Christie:LM LO by Me

Layout by Meleah:LM LO by Meleah

Layouts x2 by Michele:LM LO by Michelle LM LO by Michelle2

Layout by Noelle:LM LO by Noelle

Layout by Teresa:

LM LO by Teresa

AND I have a little freebie for you! A Stacked Paper! Just click the preview below to download:


Super Saturday & Bits N Pieces + A Freebie!

Its Super Saturday time at Scraps-N-Pieces, and I have some great deals for you today!

Kits just $2 Each!

Quick Pages just $1 Each!

It’s also the beginning of the Month, which means a whole new set of Bits-N-Pieces!  And they are all only $1 Each the first week of February!  I have 3 Great items for you to choose from, that will make one awesome kit!

A Full Alpha

CDSS_MOTH_PreviewsAlphaAn Element Pack with 40 Elements:

CDSS_MOTH_PreviewsElements24 Page Paper Pack:


Check out some of these cute layouts my CT has made with all these pieces:

Layout by me:


Layout by Michele:MOTH LO by Michele

Layout by Teresa:MOTH LO by Teresa

And here’s a little freebie for you!  Click the preview below to download:


Penguin Palooza + A Freebie

From Sledding, to Ice Skating, to Skiing, to making a snowman, to having a snowball fight, there is so much to do outside in the snow during the Winter!! And Penguin Palooza by Scrappin Serenity can help you scrap all those fun cold winter memories you’re sure to make this season!

Penguin Palooza is S4H/S4O friendly too!! It has 11 patterned papers, 7 Solidish Papers, 7 Cardstock Papers, 40 elements, and a full Alpha.




Check out these Great layouts by me and my CT!

Layout by Me:

Penguin LO by Me

Layout by Meleah:Penguin LO by Meleah

Layouts x2 by Michele:Penguin LO by Michele Penguin LO by Michele2

Layout by Noelle:Penguin LO by Noelle

Layout by Teresa:Penguin LO by Teresa

And here’s a freebie for you to spruce up your Facebook Page with! Just click the preview below to download:


New Kit – Icey + A Freebie

I have a new kit in my store called Icey!
The weather outside is frightful! But the kids sure are having a good time in it! So, pick up Icey, and scrap those snow Winter Memories !

Icey was created using colors from the STO Every Day Moments 2014 color palette, and will coordinate with any Every Day Moments 2014 pieces.

Icey has 10 patterned papers, 6 slightly patterned papers, 6 cardstock papers, 40 elements, and a Full Alpha! It’s S4H/S4O friendly too!

CDSS_ICE_FullPreview CDSS_ICE_PreviewsPapers CDSS_ICE_PreviewsQuickPagesHere’s some layouts by me and my CT:

layout by Kristal:

ICE LO by Kristal2

layout by me:ICE LO by Me

layout by Michele:ICE LO by Michele

layouts x3 by Noelle:ICE LO by Noelle1 ICE LO by Noelle2 ICE LO by Noelle3

layout by Teresa:ICE LO by Teresa

And here’s a freebie for you a 4×6 Brag Book page (just click the preview to download):


Have a “Holly Jolly Christmas” with this Freebie!

‘Tis that time of the year where Children all magically start listening to their parents and behaving, for they know that a visit from Santa Clause is Near! Have you decked your halls yet, wrapped, your presents, and visited with Jolly Old Saint Nickolaus?! If you have, or when you do, Holly Jolly Christmas by Scrappin Serenity will be the perfect kit to scrap all those Holiday Memories you make!

Holly Jolly Christmas has 7 Cardstock Papers, 7 Solidish Papers, 9 Patterned Papers, 50 Elements, and a Full Alpha.


Closer look at the papers in the kit:



Check out these layout by me and my CT members:

Layout by Kristal:

HJC LO_By Kristal

Layout by Me:HJC LO_by ME

Layout by Michele:HJC LO_By Michele

Layout by Noelle:HJC LO_By Noelle

Layout by Teresa:HJC LO_By Teresa

And here are some freebies for you!!

You can pick this one up by liking my Facebook Page and clicking on the freebie tab!


And here’s Two 4×6 brag book pages, you can pick up by clicking the preview below:


Scrappin Serenity’s Birthday Bash – Day 6 (And A NEW Kit!)

My Birthday Bash is coming to an end!!  So Sad…  But!  I have a new kit to show you today!!

Mine It!  This is a Collab kit between Scrappin Serenity & The Scrappy Kat!  We decided to come together and create a kit that would help us scrap the memories our families have made while playing one of our favorite Games!!  Mine It has 22 Solidish Papers, 18 Patterned Papers, 77 Elements, & an Upper Case Alpha & Numbers! It’s S4H/S4O Friendly Too!


Here’s a Closer Look at the Papers:

You can get these Cardstock Papers FREE, until the end of November, just for purchasing the kit!

And we have a matching 6 Page 12×12 Quick Page Set!
Mine It QP Full Size

Check out the Layouts my CT & I made using this kit:


Layout by Michele:

MI LO by Michele

Layout by Noelle:

MI LO by Noelle


Layout by Teresa:

MI LO by Teresa

Don’t forget my birthday sale going on right now! So you can get this new kit for 50% off!!

Remember to keep sending me those layout links!

And your freebie for today was made to coordinate with Mine It!  Click the preview below to download:


All Hallows Eve, A Winner, & a Freebie! :)

I finally have a new kit out!  It’s called All Hallows Eve!

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, “tis near Halloween.” By pumpkins fat and witches lean… By coal black cats with eyes of green; By all the magic ever seen..I wish you luck this Halloween

Pick up All Hallows Eve to help you scrap all those Spooky Memories made this month!

All Hallows Eve has a Full Alpha, 10 Patterned Papers, 6 Solidish Papers, 6 Cardstock Papers, and 40 Elements! It’s S4H/S4O Friendly too!




Check out all this cute Eye Candy from me and my CT!


AHE LO by Kristal AHE LO by Me AHE LO by Meleah AHE LO by Michele AHE LO by Noelle AHE LO by Teresa

And The Winner of this kit is…

Patricia Jacobs!! 🙂

I’ll send you an email shortly with a code to pick it up in the store! 🙂

And here’s a freebie for you (just click the preview to download);